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Comprehensive eye examinations. Separate areas for visual field analysis, stereo vision testing, contact lens and frame dispensing. Sometimes will take digital photos of one’s eyes internal or external, depending upon the risk of eye pathology. Medical insurance can be billed for this separately. Once a week we have an in-house ophthalmologist who can be referred to conveniently for any concerns regarding cataract progression or need of surgery or similar concerns for glaucoma progression such as if eye drops have limited benefit.


Refractive Surgery Consultation Information


Presbyopia Treatment – KAMRA

Cataract Surgery



Facilities and Equipment

Two fully equipped eye exam lanes, pre or post testing area including a high tech Humphrey auto refractor/keratometer, for better starting points to fine tune the ultimate Rx for glasses or contacts. On the same table we have a modern Reichert gentle air-puff tonometer for all patients as a pressure screening device for glaucoma, as well as an Optec 5500 Stereo Vision Tester able to check initial color and depth perception, far and near acuities for right and left eyes, eye muscle balance, and even preschool vision tests, if needed for any deficiences.

In a separate room, we have an advanced Humphrey Vision Field Tester II, for any type of glaucoma suspect, as well as to monitor diagnosed glaucoma patients.

EyeGlass Guide

EyeGlass Guide will help you better understand the many lens choices available to you. This on-line toolbrought to you by Transitions will guide you through a series of questions about you, your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs. At the end, you’ll receive eyewear suggestions specifically tailored to meet your needs. Click the link below to go to the quiz. Our office now offers Blue Light Defense Lenses! Check out the benefits of this lens at!

Eye Glass Guide

Eye Supplements

Our office now offers MacuHealth Supplements! Check out the video below to learn more!

We have two convenient locations serving the Universal City, TX area.